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October 26, 2004 > Who Will Be Your Next Mayor?

Who Will Be Your Next Mayor?

Bob Wasserman for Fremont Mayor

I've lived in Fremont for almost 30 years. I devote my time to Fremont. You can't be mayor for a few hours a week. You need to put in the full week to be mayor. I live here full time, I spend my time here, and I spend my time in the community. I talk to people in the community, I answer my phone calls, and I answer my email. I think those things are critically important and that shows an attitude to the entire city.

The business of business is to make a profit and that's the bottom line. The business of government involves much more. A government is different; there is a different ethic, a different process, and a lot of different knowledge you have to have. And that's where I think that I am distinguished. Running a government absolutely requires leadership and if you don't have leadership, you don't have good government. I've been in a leadership position for 35 years; I know cities from the inside as a staff person and the outside as an elected person.

Bill Pease Candidate for Fremont Mayor

I've been actively involved in the community for 18 years. When I first ran for city council in 1996, we had the problems that we are facing today - a lack of quality retail shopping opportunities and quality restaurants. Those issues are still here with us. During the last eight years, I've been able to help turn the boat a little bit. In other words, get council to recognize that we do have a problem, that we haven't been paying attention to our retail sales opportunities.

There is opportunity for change. I view that opportunity as very, very positive, and it is time for us to step up and become part of the players in the region. Not only from a retail standpoint, but also, to receive our fair share of transportation funds.

I'm in business. I know what it takes. I know what a business guy expects. I can "talk the talk" if you will. I can relate. I've got more empathy and experience. That's what I'll bring to this office which has been lacking for the last 25 years.

Carol Dutra Vernaci Candidate for Union City Mayor

I have proven that I can be a strong and effective leader for Union City, and want to offer people a choice for mayor. I believe my background shows that I am a better choice for mayor. I will always try to impart a positive tone for the city and city business.

I think my career as an Enrolled Agent is a tremendous asset. In times like these we really need to pay attention to the budget. I love looking at numbers; that's what I do for a living. On the other hand, there is the people component as well. I think my Bachelor's degree in psychology helps with the people component. It gives me the empathy that's necessary when dealing with emotional situations. I think from both the numbers/money background and the people background, it's a good mix for this position.

I think that it's important for those people who have not been paying attention to what is going on in Union City on a daily basis to know that I have the proven track record of being visible, accessible and involved, and will continue that commitment. I offer people a choice and believe that I am the better choice for mayor.

Mark Green Candidate for Union City Mayor

There are a couple of issues that I would like to press forward in another term. One of which is the library in Union City. It was built in the late 70s, when our population was essentially half of what we have right now, and without the technological advances over the last 25 years which were not incorporated into that library's planning. The goal of the Americans with Disabilities Act wasn't part of the scheme back in the late 70s. I want to make sure that even if we aren't a success on the grant [application] that we still keep moving forward on getting that built; it's a matter if priorities.

On the west side of town, we have secured and cleared ground we own for a public gymnasium. For the first time, the city will own an indoor, multiple court structure. From a youth activity level as well as the middle-aged and the seniors, all age groups need this kind of facility.

There is so much talk in the United States about obesity, about people out of shape, about heart disease, about strokes, on and on and on. As Aristotle once said, "He who does not use his body is not using his mind." I firmly believe that myself. I think that these two projects of body and of mind, a library and a gymnasium, are two needed components to keeping Union City moving forward for the wellbeing of its citizens.

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