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February 3, 2004 > Nothing But the Nets!

Nothing But the Nets!

by Praveena Raman

The clock was running. The Nets were leading the Pistons by 2 points and the Pistons were playing hard trying to equal the score. The excitement among the spectators was high. The Nets defense surrounded the Pistons to thwart their last minute attempt and suddenly the buzzer sounded and the final whistle blew. The score,30 to 28, giving the Nets their fourth win in as many games. But it was a very close and interesting game.

Yet another game, the sixth of the season. The Spurs and Nets are playing against each other and look equally matched. The strong Nets offense has managed to keep the score on close but neither team appears to have an advantage. The referee blows the whistle for half time and excitement is high. Nets Coach, Corey Brown, has gathered his team for some quick tips when suddenly he stands up and claps his hands. The team quickly jumps up with their feet apart, looking ferocious. This is repeated for a few times. It is interesting to watch but makes one wonder what that pep talk was all about.

The game resumes and suddenly the Nets with their feet apart, looking ferocious, gather around the Spurs, successfully stopping their offense. The Nets offense takes over for some very quick scoring. The second half is a fast game with strong offense and equally determined defense. The game gets exciting as the Nets start rapidly scoring only giving away 7 points in the second half of the game. The final buzzer sounds and the scoreboard displays the score of 38-18. The Nets have won.

The Nets and Pistons like the Bulls, Heat, Warriors, Suns, Sonics, Pacers, Bucks and Spurs are all teams in the City of Fremont Youth Basketball League. The players in these teams are 10 - 11 year old boys and each team has players from the different schools in Fremont. For example, the Nets have 10 boys from schools in North and South Fremont such as Cabrillo, Warwick, Gomes and so on. Practice and league play begins in November and continues to February. At each game parents and family members sit together, having fun and getting to know each other and cheering as their children net the baskets. Barriers are broken and the community come together to cheer the players even when the opponents are winning. The League, sponsored by Fremont Swim School builds team spirit while encouraging all involved to have fun.

Coach Corey Brown of the Nets says "We have an outstanding team but we still need to work hard to come together even more as a team. Our star players need more coaching in encouraging and giving their up and coming team players more chances to play and getting them more involved. They should be playing not just to win. By giving all their team members a chance to play and score they build up the team and will come away as winners. This is an extremely important part of playing as a team."

The Nets who have won all the games they have played so far are looking forward to playing their last 3 games of the season and have been working on honing their defense skills. The season ends on February 14th.

For more information about the league, visit

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