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December 19, 2006 > Where do they come from?

Where do they come from?

Purrfect Cat Rescue describes another successful adoption.

by Jennifer Wargo

We're often asked about the backgrounds of our "clients" This is sometimes tough to answer since all our cats and kittens are abandoned. They may have been tossed out with the trash, dumped on a street and left to fend for themselves, or they may have been the product of an "oops" litter. When caring people encounter one of these orphans and don't know what to do with them, they call a rescue program like ours. Sometimes individuals approach us at one of our weekend mobile adoption clinics, with kittens in a box.

Let's follow the story of one of our clients, brought to us about eight months ago. This is as good an example as any of "where they come from." A young man named Mitchell, found two female kittens wandering his neighborhood together. They were a few months apart in age, so we believed they were not siblings. Mitchell told his mom, Leslie, what he found. They went to a neighbor, Sidne, who has been doing cat rescue for over five years. When Mitchell and Leslie showed up with the two kittens, Sidne stepped right in, accepting them into the foster program. She dubbed the two girls, Misha and Michelle, in honor of Mitchell. Misha was a pretty, pastel tortie, younger than Michelle by about two months. Michelle was a beautiful, dilute calico about 4 months old at the time.

After the two girls were checked by a veterinarian and tested for feline diseases, they were vaccinated, spayed, and put up for adoption. During this time, a woman named, Gretchen, had contacted Purrfect Cat Rescue looking for a kitten to add to her family. Her 4-year old daughter Victoria wanted a calico. At the time, we only had two calicos up for adoption, Michelle and Butterscotch. We told Gretchen and Victoria to come down and meet them both. Victoria was instantly taken with Michelle, as was Michelle with her. It was love at first sight. Gretchen wanted to make sure that they were picking the right kitten, so she and Victoria snuggled with a lot of them that afternoon. But in the end, Victoria picked Michelle.

We weren't quite ready to send Michelle home that day, but we told Victoria she could pick her up later that week. The kitten needed to complete a course of medication and then she could go home to Gretchen and Victoria. This news saddened Victoria and caused some anxiety. Rescuers assured the child that Michelle was hers, and that she'd have her in less than a week. Before leaving, Victoria solemnly grabbed my hand, pulled me near, and said, "Please don't let anyone have my kitty". I assured her that Michelle was all hers, and that no one else could have her. We let her pick out some toys to take home for Michelle and promised to see her soon.

A week later, Gretchen and Victoria came to pick up Michelle. Victoria was delighted and relieved to see her kitten, and Michelle was obviously happy to see her new "mom." Victoria renamed the cat, Cali, and the two are quite the happy pair. Gretchen tells us, "Cali is doing very well. She follows everyone around meowing and purring constantly. Although she has many different toys, her favorite thing is chasing a laser pointer."

Stories like Victoria and Cali's explain our efforts better than any compilation of statistics and facts could ever do. Our kittens and cats come to us from a world they cannot trust. Whenever we can, our mission is to show these animals a much better world, one full of love and happiness. This is what makes all our efforts worthwhile.

For more information about Purrfect Cat Rescue, call (510) 739-1597; or visit Volunteers and donations will be gladly accepted.

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