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November 22, 2005 > Editorial: Waffling 101

Editorial: Waffling 101

I haven't found it yet, but I know it is there! A feverish search through college catalogues for "Waffling 101" has yielded nothing. I know it must be a requirement for Fremont councilmembers. Each one of them has mastered this class and proves it each time a momentous decision nears. A lot of talk ensues without much action...leading to more meetings with more discussion and more non-action. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place for this class. It could be listed under "Indecisiveness 101" or a host of other less flattering names. In any event, the discussion last week to determine the fate of the Highway 84 Historic Corridor ended with the decision all but wrapped up yet reluctance to actually call for a vote.

Vice Mayor Dutra confirmed his approval of Option 2 with a series of bullet points designed to let everyone know why the vote it isn't just for money to complete Mission/I-880 (how could I and others be so callous to think otherwise?). This is no surprise and with his assent, votes by Councilmember Natarajan and Mayor Wasserman become superfluous. It appeared for an instant that Dutra would show leadership by ending the charade and calling for a vote. Unfortunately, one of the major tenants of the class must be, "Do tomorrow what can be done today" and "If something can be done in an hour, why not take three or four?" I must get hold of the syllabus for this class and stop wasting my time with logic and common sense.

The usual "Not in my back yard" suspects showed up for this umpteenth discussion with nothing new to say except the use of hollow delaying tactics. A vote would have avoided an hour or two (or more?) of comment at the next meeting, but has Fremont ever done anything the easy way? With light-hearted remarks councilmembers noted that everyone has waited decades for Fremont to do something, so another week and hours of needless debate is okay. That is what appears to be in store for the meeting of December 22nd. Why go through this ballet of b..s..? That is a good question and, I am sure, one that is answered in this course I have been trying to find. It may be that there is a secret university that only some politicians can access in order to fine tune the art of delay and non-action. In any event, even the Fremont City Council may be forced to move on at their next session. Can they recognize a fait accompli and get on with the business of running their city? Maybe.

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