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November 8, 2005 > FC Fremont Soccer Game Summaries

FC Fremont Soccer Game Summaries

Week 7, October 22-30

by Eric Dowsey

U12 Girls, House: Blue Crush vs. Crush for the Championship game. Both teams played what ended as the most exciting game of the season. The game was evenly matched with a score of 0 - 0 at the end of the first half and a score of 1 - 1 after the second half. After a three minute rest there was a playoff with two five minute halves that ended in a tie, 0 - 0. The game was won by Blue Crush in a tie breaking goal kickoff. The solo goal for Blue Crush was scored by Elizabeth Mooney on a direct kick. All players from both teams played great. An outstanding job by the Blue Crush's left and right forwards Nishi Saksensa, Jocelyn Gordovez, Jenna Hamze, Chandidi Soni, Hannah Johnson, and Brianna Thornton. The Blue Crush's Katie Frazer and Alanna Mozzetti were switching between Center Forward and Sweeper playing their hearts out. Erika Neave, Payal Makhijani, and Aishwara Thakur were wonderful as the Blue Crush's left and right midfielders. Blue Crush's Elizabeth Mooney and Paige Rath switched between Center Midfielder and Center Fullbacks and played an outstanding game. Claire McLaggen and Kellieanne Elliott played great defense for Blue Crush as right and left fullbacks. A great job was done by the Blue Crush's Jamie Camillo who was instrumental in keeping the score to a minimum. The girls will be heading to the Crossroads 24th Invitational later this month. A big thanks to Coaches Mike Camello and Greg Mooney for without their hard work and dedication these girls would have never made it this far.

Other results around the league include:

U7 Boys: Red Dragons' top players for the past two weeks were Colton Casey, Bradley Slater, Angel Martinez, and Aayush Sharma.

U9 Girls, Division I: The Fremont Tops displayed an outstanding game against the Union City Devils. Contributing offensively for the Tops were Eva Becerra, Tylore Bell, Lauren Clark, Vienna Curtis, Amrin Khurana, and Mia Volpatti. With aggressive defense from the Tops by Sharon Singh, Mara Wondka, Megan Coffey, and Claudia Robinson, they were able to keep the Devils scoreless.

U9 Girls, Division III: The Fremont Flames played two tough league battles resulting in tie games with the Dublin Fighters 1-1 and the Newark Fire 2-2. All three Flames goals were scored by Hanna Bombino. There were great offensive performances by the Flames' Pavitra Ravishankar and Christina Brown with solid defensive play delivered by Jessica Fian and Kayla Williams.

U10 Girls, Division I: FC Fremont Storm vs. Livermore Fury. Game resulted in a 0-0 standoff with the Storm's Sabrina Singh, Janelle Herrera, and Shayla Funk turning in strong defensive performances in this back-and-forth game.

U10 Girls, House: Ice Monkeys vs. Teal Tornadoes. The Ice Monkeys final game of the season was also their finest. The Ice Monkeys led an aggressive attack with two solid goals from Ashley Campbell and great ball movement from Alexis McCormick leading to her sixth goal of the year. The Ice Monkeys' Emily Holmes was able to block one remarkable shot after another leading to an incredible shutout in the second half. The Ice Monkeys' Evelyn Alvarez played her finest defensive game of the year with great support from Alejandra Ureno, both getting involved in every play that came down the field. Other outstanding Ice Monkey players included Asia Koliner, Trisha Nguyen, Marlene Alvarez, Iyesha Puri, Jasmine Grewal, and Punita Gupta.

U10 Girls, House: Blue Jays vs. Tigers. The Tigers' Niyati Mehta and Sunheri Bajpe played well, each scoring goals as forwards. The Tigers' Brooke Waters and Avary Edwards played a tough defense, while Rochelle Carlile was very effective as goalie. Blue Jays' outstanding players included Synclaire Hamilton (goal), Claire Castren (goal), Evani Shah (goal), and Anika Balse (goal).

U10 Girls, House: Blue Angels vs. Tigers. Both teams played a great game with the Tiger's Peyton Cook scoring two goals and Sunheri Bajpe scoring the other, all with long range kicks. The Tiger's Guadalupe Quinonez, Christina Martin, and Harsimran Hothi played a tough defense and hardly allowed a shot on goal.

U10 Girls, House: White Tigers vs. Red Angels. The White Tigers offense dominated the first half with Heidi Johnson, Alex Mejia, Rhianna Soares, and Chloe Lambert each knocking in a goal. The White Tigers defender's Melody Song, Beth Oliver and Elizabeth Roney kept the Red Angels away from their goal for most of the game. The White Tigers forward Alex Jacobs played both strong offense and defense as she moved up and down the field. The Red Angels came charging back in the second half with three unanswered goals.

U12 Boys, House: Twisters vs. Celtics. The Twisters posted an awesome 9-0 shutout over the Celtics. Teamwork and a dominant offense was the name of the game for The Twisters. Solomon Mulugeta, Edgar Garcia, and Yobiel Kelati each scored two goals for The Twisters as Marc Ruffy, James Bumanlag, and Benjamin Afana each were able to score a goal. Other Top Players for The Twisters were Anish Rai, Trevor Valentine, Matthew Williams, Austin Barber, and Sanjeet Lally.

U14 Girls, House: Roar vs. Fanta. Both teams played an excellent game. Roar's Sadie Bachelder scored two goals in the first half to even the score at halftime. Fanta was able to pull away with two more goals in the second half with a super offense led by Melody Chen who scored three goals herself. Fanta's Erica Ohye played an excellent offense and defense and scored one goal for Fanta while Selina Mahesri and Nicole Gronski guarded flawlessly. Fanta's highlight of the game was when Sarah Talooi amazingly saved an undefendable shot in the last minute. Outstanding players for the Roar included Sadie Bachelder, Jessica Lerma, Betsy Gomez.

U19 Girls, House Traveling: The Fremont IceBreakers had three games played with a 1-7 loss to the Rage Raiders that had Jennifer Hackney scoring the only goal for the IceBreakers. The IceBreakers' goalie, Cynthia Severn, was able to keep the game close in the first half with a 1-2 score before the Raiders took control of the game in the second half. The second scheduled game for the IceBreakers was forfeited to the Livermore Mirage due to lack of available players. The third game scheduled ended in a 1-1 tie with the San Ramon Blue Devils. The Blue Devils scored their goal in the first half and the IceBreakers' Laura Depue was able to score for the IceBreakers in the second half. The IceBreakers' Daniela Ruelas played the whole game as goalie keeping the Blue Devils to one goal in what was considered a "mud ball" game. The IceBreakers' Daniela Ruelas, Aracely Salais, and the two players scoring their goals where covered in mud from head to toe.

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