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October 25, 2005 > 'You look like a million dollars!'

'You look like a million dollars!'

Filled with confidence and poise, you wait for the door to open. As it does and your friends greet you, they all exclaim, "You look like a million dollars!" The compliments feel that much better since although technology gave assistance through a safe, non-invasive and painless process called micro-mode therapy combined with Laser and Intensive Pulse Light (IPL), you followed a complete regimen to "re-educate your body and regain control of its muscle tone." Your look is not the result of a transient "fad" or "crash" diet, destined to become a distant memory. This new you is here to stay.

Micro-current therapy is a non-surgical alternative to face-lifts and body sculpting that uses low electric frequencies and intensities to repair and "re-educate" muscles of the body. The amount of electricity used is so small, at the sub-sensory level, typically, there is no discomfort or even sensation during application. Micro-mode combined computer-aided technology is designed to work in harmony with the natural electrical impulses of the body and allows selective stimulation of muscle groups to reestablish muscle tone. Treatments are done under a physician's supervision by registered nurses and medical assistants who are present at all times. Spa Director Lynn Sahni of Skin Laser Essentials located at the Fremont Hub says that micro-mode therapy, when used in combination with Laser and IPL, not only improves muscle tone but also enhances the skin's cellular condition to present a youthful and glowing appearance.

Treatments can be used to tone and firm body areas with excess weight and poor muscle tone, correcting sagging and the appearance of cellulite. Whether her clients prefer an hour or two at the gym several times each week or something less strenuous, Sahni says they can achieve excellent results for the entire body, even in areas that do not respond to exhaustive exercise. The face, for instance, which has over 30 muscles that lie below, yet are connected to the facial surface, needs a workout too. Using the same reasoning of a well-conceived exercise program, combined micro-mode therapy is designed to tighten muscles and change facial contours by defining the muscle and building collagen which in turn tightens the pores and improves skin tone. According to Sahni, skin conditions including acne scarring, blemishes, sun damage and dry or oily skin are also improved by SLE doctor-supervised treatments.

Skin Laser Essentials clients have been extremely successful rejuvenating neck and facial tone and reshaping body contours using these therapies. Sahni says that age, body condition, body type, diet and exercise habits determine the ultimate results of any treatment. "We set up realistic expectations. Some people come to us seeking immediate results following 20 years of inattention to their bodies; we tell them that it takes some time to repair and reeducate their muscles." However, Sahni is able to show documented results for clients who are serious about following the program and reversing the aging process, that are amazing. Generally, to begin, a total of 10 to 15 treatments are required during visits to Skin Laser Essentials several times per week depending on the condition of skin tissue and muscle tone. These are followed by a monthly maintenance treatment.

It is clear that many busy people lack the time or inclination to spend hours at a gymnasium, sculpting pounds and inches from their frame. Although there are no substitutes for a well-balanced program of proper diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, Skin Laser Essentials offers a supplemental program that can enhance these efforts and produce that million dollar look. Sahni invites those interested in combined micro-mode therapy to visit Skin Laser Essentials and talk with their professional staff. All who visit are eligible to enter a free raffle held every Saturday at noon for a free treatment. You can also call or visit for more information.

Skin Laser Essentials
39136 Fremont Hub, Fremont
(510) 793-2277
(866) 486-skin (7546) toll-free

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