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June 7, 2005 > What's your clan?

What's your clan?

Ardenwood Celtic Festival, June 11th

Whatever your clan, Mary, Queen of Scots has given her royal assurance that although there may be a bit of swordplay and competitive banter, peace will reign supreme on the fields of Ardenwood. On Saturday, June 11th, Celts will gather to share music, watch their best dancers and compete in trials of strength and skill. Visitors are welcome to watch and learn about these fierce and loyal men and women who ruled much of Europe and Asia Minor for hundreds of years until the 1st Century B.C.

Known for their lively spirits and robust lifestyle, Celts will inform the uneducated, perform for appreciative visitors and, if need be, reform those who doubt their place in history. These Indo-European people - bound together by common speech, customs and religion - formed a feudal empire that plundered Rome in 390 A.D. incurring the wrath of Romans and earning the name "Galli" or "Gaul" roughly translated as "Barbarian." Although the Celts eventually succumbed to Roman rule and fragmented under Germanic domination, customs, traditions and language have survived in many parts of Europe from Spain to Turkey; France, Scotland, the British Isles - Ireland, Isle of Man - and even Iceland.

The word "Celt" is derived from the Greek word, "Keltoi" used by Herodotus and other Greek writers to describe the clans. This group of peoples is generally credited with widespread use of iron for armament and art. Celtic language - poetic, mystical and impassioned - can still be heard as variants of Welsh and Gaelic filled with epic tales and legends.

For those adventurous enough to travel back in time; those who want to mingle with bold, independent and proud barbarians - get ready. Ardenwood will once again be transformed into a magical Celtic kingdom. Saturday, June 11th from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. will be alive with mighty warriors, saucy women, the wail of bagpipes and vibrant song and dance. Come to this ancient land and listen to the whisper of past secrets; feel the bold spirit and rhythms of the mighty Celts!

7th Annual Ardenwood Celtic Festival
34600 Ardenwood Blvd., Fremont
(510) 796-0663 or (510) 429-6880

General Admission: $9.50
Seniors 65+: $6.50
Children 4-12: $5.00
Under 4: Free

Parking is free

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