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October 26, 2004 > Fremont Chamber of Commerce announces ballot measure positions

Fremont Chamber of Commerce announces ballot measure positions

by Billy Sandbrink, Director of Government Affairs

At its recent Board of Directors Meeting, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce has decided to take positions on the following upcoming November ballot measures. The Fremont Chamber of Commerce will be issuing a separate press release for Measure V.

Proposition 1A - Local Government Finance - Support
Prop 1A will help fight the state takeaways that have taken away billions of dollars from local governments for over a decade, which has made it increasingly difficult for Fremont to provide essential services. Prop 1A is an important solution to an important problem.

Proposition 64 - Limits on Private Enforcement of Unfair Business Competition Laws - Support
Prop 64 will amend a law that allows lawyers to sue businesses on behalf of the general public when nobody has been damaged or wronged, costing businesses millions of dollars in settlements annually. Businesses should not be subject to unfair lawsuits that benefit the lawyers who bring the suit and collect the settlement.

Proposition 67 - Telephone Surcharge for Emergency Medical Services - Oppose
Prop 67 will add an additional and potentially unlimited cost to businesses across California by taxing phone services an additional 3%. This proposition will cap the amount residents will pay at 50 cents per month, but will not limit the amount businesses or cell phones will be taxed. Reimbursing those who provide emergency care is important, but Prop 67 is not the answer.

Proposition 72 - Mandatory health Care - Oppose
Prop 72 will force employers with more than 20 employees to provide health care for its employees and in some cases dependents and create a new, massive state run health care system. Prop 72 will cost California business $7B annually, potentially forcing business to cut employees or operations to provide health care for its employees. Proponents of Prop 72 want to provide health care for the millions of California who cannot afford it, but forcing the burden on employers will only make things worse.

Measure AA - BART Seismic Retrofit Bond - Support
BART is a vital transportation link in the Bay Area that must be protected during a major earthquake. In Fremont, the BART station and the numerous miles of raised track will be protected with this bond, protecting an important investment. Measure AA will provide over half of the funding needed for BART to complete its seismic retrofit project at a reasonable price.

Measure FF - Washington Township Health Care System Bond - Support
Measure FF will help expand Washington Hospital's emergency care and other vital facilities while ensuring the hospital's ability to withstand a major earthquake. Washington Hospital is a major provider of medical services in Fremont that has benefited the residents and business of Fremont for years. Washington Hospital has been financially responsible over the years and is an irreplaceable member of the community and deserves support on Measure FF.

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