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July 20, 2004 > East Bay Swim League News

East Bay Swim League News

Michael Conn Shows Great Team Spirit.

by Praveena Raman

The Mission Valley Barracudas and the Kennedy Seals had a great start trying to outswim each other in the 5th dual meet of the season. Six year old Michael Conn, with his neon green goggles, had just lined up to race freestyle. He was determined to reach the other side of the pool fast and keep up if not be ahead of the other swimmers in his heat. The whistle blew and all the six year olds dove in and started swimming as fast their hands and feet would propel them.

Standing on the side of the pool, Micahel's mom, Jane Conn and the coaches with other parents were watching with great interest. Suddenly in the middle of the pool, Michael dove. "Oh no!" thought Jane. "He is probably tired and bopping again." Just as that thought crossed her mind, up came Michael, who continued swimming as fast as he could, trying to catch up with the other swimmers, but this time with something black held tight in his little fist.

He reached the end of the race and got out of the pool proudly holding the black thing high in his hands. With a big smile he turned to his mom and said "Somebody's goggles were in the pool." Seeing those goggles and picking them up on his way made perfect sense to him since he realized that one of the swimmers was missing them. Unfortunately the detour did cost him his race but he had probably made another swimmer happy!

The Barracudas went on to win the meet 715:322, their 5th win of the season and remain an unbeaten EBSL team. Swimmers who made their mark in this meet were:
Girls: Courtney McBride (6 & Under, 1st free); Amy Xia (7-8, 1st free); Claire McLaggan (9-10, 1st free); Ashley McBride (11-12, 1st free, 1st fly, 1st IM); Raha Sadjadi (13-14, 1st free); Juliana McCuaig (8 & Under, 1st back, 1st fly); Tatiana McCuaig (9-10, 1st back); Ashley Kendall (15-18, 1st back, 1st IM); Kate Baird (11-12, 1st breast); Katie Thompson (13-14, 1st breast); Joanna Wilk (15-18 1st breast); Charlotte Miller (9-10, 1st fly); Melanie Miller (13-14, 1st fly, 1st IM); Cathy Wagner (15-18, 1st fly);

Boys: Mark Perry (6 & Under, 1st free); Bryce McLaggan (7-8, 1st free, 1st breast); Palani Hassett (9-10, 1st free, 1st breast); Kyle Quock (11-12, 1st free, 1st back, 1st IM); Jason Song (13-14, 1st free, 1st fly, 1st IM); Casey Cardone (15-18, 1st free); Emil Graversen (8 & under, 1st back); Thomas Chi (9-10, 1st back); Paul Taylor Fracolli (13-14, 1st back, 1st breast); George Chen (11-12,1st breast); Dean Luo (8 & Under, 1st fly); Matthew Imhof (9-10, 1st fly); Ryan Tanakit (11-12, 1st fly); Michael Wheeler (15-18, 1st fly); George Chen (15-18, 1st IM)

Other swimmers to be commended are - Alex Lam for improving his back stroke time by more than 8 seconds, Alex Hancock and David Hu for improving their breast stroke times by more than 7 and 6 seconds respectively, Elizabeth Hu for improving her butterfly time by more than 7 seconds, Addison McLaggan and Michael Conn for improving their butterfly times by more than 12 and 5 seconds respectively and Sherri Zhang for improving her butterfly time by more than 6 seconds.

Warm Springs Gators Team Up For Camping After Meet
While the rest of the East Bay Swim League were busy swimming their fifth dual meet, the Gators were busy enjoying their annual camping and beach outing in Santa Cruz. They camped at the KOA campground in Santa Cruz a short distance from Manresa Beach, some in tents, some in RVs and others rented a cabin at the campground. Some of the younger Gators and their siblings rented three wheel cycles (tricycles) and played games at the arcade and miniature golf. The families later in the evening got together for a potluck dinner.

The next morning many of them gathered to have breakfast together before heading out to the beach. "Those Gators just cannot get enough water," says parent Karin Hasson. "What a great way to spend the weekend, with friends and the Gator family." The swimmers spent Sunday at Manresa beach boogie boarding, building sand castles, playing Frisbees and catching baby crabs which they returned to the ocean. The adults strolled in the beach keeping an eye on the children and socializing. Fourteen year old Ashley Hasson felt that being with the Gator team friends and their parents was a wonderful bonding experience. "The Gators are so friendly. It was fun hanging out, riding bikes, and boogie boarding." Her friend Kelsey St. Marie chimed in "And helping younger swimmers in the water at the beach, was great."

The Gators had a marvelous weekend but had by no means shirked their swimming responsibilities. They had finished their exciting and very close dual meet with the Newark Bluefins on Friday July 9th. They unfortunately lost the meet to the Bluefins but by only 6 points, 513:519. The following Gators placed in the first three positions and scored for their team:

8-under= 100 Medley Relay - Mead, Turner, Lopez, Sarge 1:45:80; Peterson, Turner, Lovejoy, Laus 1:44:18;_ 25 Free - Watkins 26:79;Seeley 28:85; Leung 23:91, Laus 27:47; Sarge 19:71; Lopez 20:65; Lovejoy 16:86;_ 25 Back - Sarge 26:87; Mead 27:38; Lovejoy 22:28, Laus 25:84;_25 Breast - Mead 37:09; Turner 33:10;_25 Fly - Sarge 26:39; Lopez 36:58;Lovejoy 21:39;_100 Free relay - Watkins, Aguirre, Seeley, Adams-Hart 2:21:46; Primeau, Peterson, Hess, Mitchell 1:51:87; Watkins, McAlister, Marron, Adams-Hart 2:43:74

9/10=100 Medley Relay - Lovejoy, Lopez, Laus, Moreno 1:10:85; Oregon, Sweet, Blizel, Parissenti 1:18:91; DeLang, Jankala, McElroy, Poole 1:23:17;_25 Free - Lovejoy 14:25; Moreno 15:87; Lopez 16:00; Parissenti 15:39; Blizel 15:92; DeLang 16:81_ 25 Back - Lovejoy 18:34; Lopez 19:91; Doherty 20:91; Parissenti 18:86_25 Breast - Lovejoy 22:01; Lopez 22:82; Parissenti 21:22; Sweet 23:48_25 Fly - Lakus 17:06; Doherty 20:15; Blizel 19:81; Vukosav 20:11_100 Free Relay - Sweet, Primeau, Sweet, Doherty 1:14:91; DeLang,Vukosav, Blizel, Jankela 1:07:27

11/12 200 Medley Relay - Scully, Dortch, Seeley, Dunn 2:23:72; Rawlin, Gomes, DeLang, Thompson 2:30:50; Lovejoy, Makk, Avina, Lovlien 2:20:04_50 Free - Scully 30:88; Gomes 31:69; Lovejoy; Avina 29:47_50 Back - Scully 36:39; Lovejoy 33:75; Lovlien 37:58_50 Breast - Dortch 40:39; Avina 30:65; Makk 45:38_ 50 Fly - DeLang 35:96; Gomes 36:46_ 100 IM - Gomes 1:21:73; Scully 1:22:07; Lovejoy 1:18:06; Avina 1:18:88_200 Free Relay - Thompson, DeLang, Dortch, Dunn 2:14:73; Hess, Mitchell, Singh, Makk 2:49:47

13/14 200 Medley Relay - Clark, Thompson, Calalo, Lovlien 2:10:15; Blizel, Makk, Hanson, Baugher 2:18:28_ 50 Free - Thompson 28:06; Lovlien 28:83; Hanson 27:91_ 50 Back - Clark 33:02 Kleinsasser 33:77; Blizel 34:92_ 50 Breast - Thompson, 37:86; Kleinsasser 37:95; Baugher 40:71_ 50 Fly - Calalo 33:65; Hanson 33:49_100 IM - Clark 1:13:69; Kleinsasser 1:1383; Thompson 1:16:35_200 Free Relay - Kleinsasser, Clark, St. Marie, Morris 2:02:36; Makk, Wilks, Madrigal, Muldoon 2:14:34

15/18 200 Medley Relay - Clark, Koenig, Lovejoy, Baugher 2:05:58; Liu, DelCarpio, Degregorio, Morris 2:07:60_ 50 Free - Lovejoy 26:42; Clark 27:10; Morris 26:53_50 Back - Clark 31:72; Degregorio 31:55_ 50 Breast - Lovejoy 34:48; Koenig 37:49_ 50 Fly - Sewell 32:66; Madrigal 39:37; Degregorio 29:38; Morris 30:21_100 IM - Lovejoy 1:08:29; Clark 1:09:69; Baugher 1:15:31_200 Free Relay - Thompson, Koenig, Sewell, Sjogren 2:02:16; Stephens, Sjogren, DelCarpio, Poole 2:07:31

Other EBSL News:

The Glenmoor Stingrays were at it again racing their coaches against parents. This time the Glenmoor coaches won the relay. Unfortunately the Stingrays lost the meet to Mission Highlands 494:535. The San Leandro Drowning Darryls "had the cake and ate it too". They won their 5th meet on Saturday against Treeview 574:429 and spent Sunday river-rafting in Stanislaus River in Oakdale (near the Hershey's factory) and bonding with each other. The Chabot Marlins won against the Columbia Crocodiles 554:458 and the Washington Manor Dolphns won against the Southgate Penguins 592:444.

All the East Bay teams will be swimming their 6th dual meet on Saturday July 17th. This meet will determine the Northern and Southern Division champions for the Swim League. All 12 teams will swim the Championship meet on Saturday July 31st which will determine the League Champion.

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