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July 20, 2004 > Fremont's Mission Valley Barracudas - Southern Division Champs For Sixth Year

Fremont's Mission Valley Barracudas - Southern Division Champs For Sixth Year

by Praveena Raman

The unbeaten Barracudas swam strong and won their 6th dual meet against the Newark Bluefins on Saturday July 17th with a score of 681:346. By winning this meet they solidified their position as the East Bay Swim League Southern Division Champions for the sixth year in a row. Besides retaining their title, this win was their 41st dual meet win in a row since July 1998. "I feel so fortunate to be coaching these kids," states Don French, who has been the head Barracuda coach for more than 10 years. President Kris Imhof feels the same."I am really honored to be part of this team. This would not be possible without the enormous support we receive from the parent volunteers of our team."

The Barracudas won 1st place in 16 out of 19 relay events and had 1st place wins in 38 out of 47 events. In the individual events the swimmers swimming the Individual Medley (IM) deserve special recognition. They must swim a lap (25 yards) of 4 different strokes consecutively - a total of 100 yards. These swimmers need to be strong in all strokes (fly, back, breast & free) to compete in this event. The 11year-old swimmers not only swim 50 yards of their individual strokes for the first time but they also compete for the first time in the IM. Kudos to the following 11year-olds who improved their IM times in this meet by more than 2 seconds: Tiffany Huang (2.06 seconds), Grant Huang (3.31 seconds) and Karthik Raman (4.01 seconds). Also the following 12 and older swimmers deserve to be congratulated for also improving their IM times in this meet by more than 2 seconds: Eugenia Ho, Kayla Quock, Tiffany Yen, Craig Perry, Denny Wong, Raha Sadjadi, Briana Hu, Samuel Mak, and Henry Chen.

The following relay teams placed in the first 3 positions:
8 & under: Girls: 1st: Juliana McCuaig (7), Sydney Sloan (7), Amy Xia (8), Leimana Hassett (7); 3rd: Courtney McBride (6), Anna Weideman (6), Emilie Weideman (7), Emily Banks (6)
Boys: 1st: Emil Graversen (7), Bryce McLaggan (8), Dean Luo (8), Alex Hancock (8). 2nd: Andrew Thompson (8), Mark Perry (6), Jeremy Mak (7), Jerry Wong (8)
9-10: Girls: 1st: Claire McLaggan (9), Bailey Tofft (10), Charlotte Miller (10), Tatiana McCuaig (9); 2nd: Laura Conn (10), Kylie Moltzen (9), Sarah Lucarelli (9), Ada Wong (10).
Boys: 1st: Thomas Chi (10), Palani Hassett (9), Matthew Imhof (10), Grant Perry (10)
11-12 Girls: 1st: Audrye McLaggan (11), Kate Baird (12), Ashley McBride (12), Hannah Imhof (12)
Boys: 1st: Russell Camfield (12), George Chen (12), Morten Graversen (12), Craig Perry (12); 3rd: Grant Huang (11), Otis Lee (12), Denny Wong (12), Karthik Raman (11)
13-14: Girls: 1st: Stephanie Conn (14), Katie Thompson (14), Melanie Miller (14), Raha Sadjadi (14)
Boys: 3rd: Michael Ho (14), Andy Lau (14), Jonathan Ting (13), Samuel Mak (13)
15-18: Girls: 1st: Ashley Kendall (18), Joanna Wilk (15), Cathy Wagner (15), Shannon McBride (15)
Boys: 1st: Jonathan Huang (15), Henry Chen (16), Michael Wheeler (15), Billy Purta (16)

8 & under: Girls: 1st - Amy Xia (8), Leimana Hassett (7), Sydney Sloan (7), Juliana McCuaig (7); 3rd: Courtney McBride (6), Emily Banks (6), Elizabeth Hu (5), Anna Weideman (6).
Boys: 1st - Bryce McLaggan (8), Alex Hancock (8), Jerry Wong (8), Dean Luo (8)
9-10: Girls: 1st - Bailey Tofft (10), Charlotte Miller (10), Tatiana McCuaig (9), Claire McLaggan (9); 3rd- Kylie Moltzen (9), Ada Wong (10), Alexis Markou (10), Sarah Lucarelli (9)
Boys: - 1st Palani Hassett (9), Matthew Imhof (10), Thomas Chi (10), Grant Perry (10); 2nd: Cooper Sutherland (10), Steven Chi (9), Jason Lau (9), Dylan Jeffrey (9).
11-12: Girls: 1st - Shelley Xia (12), Kayla Quock (11), Krista Chan (11), Mary Wheeler (12);
Boys: 1st - Denny Wong (12), Grant Huang (11), Otis Lee (12), Kieran Hassett (11)
13-14: Girls: 2nd - Katherine Eve (13), Jessica Wagenbach (13), KaRynn Perry (14), Dorothy Huang (13);
15-18: Girls: - 1st - Shannon McBride (15), Laura Wagner (17), Kristy Cardone (16), Kimi Reid (18).

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