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July 6, 2004 > EBSL: Coaches Relay Spices Up Dual Meet

EBSL: Coaches Relay Spices Up Dual Meet

by Praveena Raman

There was excitement in the air on the morning of Saturday June 26th at the Glenmoor Pool. Two unbeaten East Bay Swim League teams, the Glenmmor Stingrays and the Mission Valley Barracudas, were going to face each other in a dual meet. Swimmers from each team were determined to win this race and retain their unbeaten record.

The Stingrays welcomed their guests warmly and graciously. The pool was adorned with posters welcoming the Barracudas and cheering the Stingrays with "Go Stingrays" messages, letting the Barracudas know that they were prepared to sting them. Parent volunteers form both teams laughed and chatted while getting ready for the meet. It was interesting to find that The Fremont Fire Department had representation in both teams and colleagues were having their own informal Alohas!

The meet started promptly at 8:30 a.m. amid cheering from both teams - each swimmer, from age 5 to 18, trying to better their competition. As the meet continued through the morning and one of the teams started lagging, the cheers by both teams were more subdued. Was this going to end as just another race with a winner and a loser - nothing memorable to take home?

Suddenly the Glenmoor announcer came online and boomed out that the Glenmmor coaches were going to race a medley relay against the Barracuda coaches after the individual medley race. The excitement started building up again as swimmers and adults crowded around the pool to watch the race. At the far end of the pool, Glenmoor coaches Stephanie Keller-Gilbert, Erin Harvey and Cory Audiat took their places as Barracuda coaches Gene Kendall and Mark Lawrence lined up next to them. Where was Barracuda coach Don French? Standing by the side of the pool enjoying the anticipation of the race fully prepared to cheer his colleagues.

It was 3 swimmers against 2, petite women against tall men. Well matched! The whistle sounded and the race started amongst a lot of cheers and encouragement. The women Glenmoor coaches did not seem to have too much of a problem keeping up with their robust visitors until Gene Kendall dived in for his breast stroke. Being a strong tall breast stroker, he was easily able to put some distance between him and his opponent giving his fellow teammate, Mark Lawrence, a good lead. The race heated up with Mark leading in the butterfly lap and Gene continuing with the free style. Cory Audiat who was racing against Mark had to continue with the free style for her team.

Cory was just starting her first free style lap when Gene was returning for the finishing lap. As Cory came abreast of Gene, she quickly turned around and raced him to the finish line amid a lot of cheers and laughter. "And the race is tied' boomed the announcer continuing after a short pause "or is it a DQ for Glenmoor?". There was a shout of "No it is a tie" from the spectators while the competitors shook hands and posed for pictures.

When asked why he did not compete, Don French shook his head and smiled "I am too old to compete with them." Coach Don too old? Perhaps this race was too tame for him. The beloved strong Barracuda coach spends his time surfing and battling the waves on California's wild beaches when not coaching. The meet continued with the happy younger swimmers finishing their free relays. Adults and children left the Glenmoor pool with some good memories and feeling exactly as Glenmoor President Tom McWaid expressed himself, "The meet was a lot of fun."

Glenmoor Stingrays: Even though the stingrays suffered their first defeat in this season their swimmers achieved some important milestones. The following swimmers broke Glenmoor team records - Girls: Heather Schaa (9-10 Breast), Erin Carscadden (11-12 Breast). Boys: Casey Norris (9-10 Breast), Scott Harvey (13-14 Breast). Swimmers who topped their individual events were - Girls: Lauren Youhanna (7-8, 1st Freestyle); Megan Macleod (13-14, 1st Back); Erin Carscadden (11-12, 1st Breast, IM); Kristin Quelendrino (15-18 1st Fly); Allie Johnston (13-14, 1st Fly) and Vye Chi Low (15-18, 1st IM). Boys: Chris Wagoner (11-12, 1st Back); Casey Norris (9-10, 1st Breast); Scott Harvey (13-14, 1st Breast, Fly); Mo Doctor (15-18, 1st Breast); Mitchell Youhanna (9-10, 1st Fly).

Mission Valley Barracudas: The Barracudas continue the season unbeaten with a score of 610:426, winning 35 out of 48 individual events and 14 out of 20 relay events in the fourth dual meet. Many of the swimmers who placed 1st in a particular stroke for the first three dual meets, also swam the same stroke in this meet and kept their first place. Of note is Bryce McLaggan (8 & under boys) who placed 1st in breast stroke in all four meets (his name was inadvertently missed from the last press release).

The following swimmers have placed 1st in their events not only in this meet but also in 2 previous meets. Girls: Bailey Toft (9-10, Free); Juliana McCuaig (8 & Under, Back); Claire McLaggan (9-10, Back); Hannah Scobel (11-12, Back); Annie Scobel (15-18, Back); Bailey Toft (9-10, Breast); Katie Thompson (13-14 Breast). Boys: Mark Perry (6 & under, Free); Bryce McLaggan (7-8, Free); Grant Perry (9-10, Free); Billy Purta (15-18, Free); Dean Luo (8 & under; Back).

Kudos to Elizabeth Hu for improving her Back stroke time by more than 11 seconds, Adam Hancock for improving his Back Stroke time by more than 7 seconds, Gabriela Cordova for improving her Butterfly time by more than 7 seconds, and to Jeremy Mak and Ryan Tanakit for improving their Back stroke and Breast stroke times by more than 5 seconds.

In other EBSL results: Warm Springs Gators had a 523:495 win over Mission Highlands Sharks, Newark Bluefins had a 598:445 win over the Kennedy Seals, San Leandro Drowning Darryls had a 598:432 win over the Chabot Marlins, Treeview Dolphins had a 556:440 win over the Southgate Penguins and the Washington Manor Dolphins had a 621:383 win over the Colombia Crocodiles.

All 12 teams will continue the season with the 5th dual meet out of 7 dual meets on Saturday July 10th. Send swim meet results and information about your swimmers to, attn: Praveena Raman to be included in the next EBSL article.

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