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February 17, 2004 > March 2nd is Your Day at the Polls

March 2nd is Your Day at the Polls

Predictions are for a light turnout for the California Primary Election. I hope they are wrong since not only do we have local elections that will determine who represents their political party in the general election in November, but several propositions and ballot measures that are extremely important for the health of our community, the State of California and your pocketbook. Below are my inclinations for March 2nd decisions. We were unable to interview all candidates and apologize to those who did not appear in this issue of TCV. Of those interviewed and our review of the ballot measures, I submit the following to our readers.

Looking at the local races, TCV has been able to interview some of the candidates for the hotly contested District 20 Democratic primary and, as part of this process, try to assess who might be effective in dealing with the state mess, if elected in the general election. All candidates interviewed have the credentials to understand the problem and have definite ideas about how to solve it.

I agree with councilmember Alberto Torrico that difficult decisions must be made and understand his willingness to tackle the tough choices. Henry Manayan's call for economic vigor is appreciated. I also applaud Tom Pico's excellent background and track record. I lean towards Tom Pico.

Union Sanitary District, Ward 3 is an interesting race between Jeevan Zutshi and Anjali Lathi. Although I like to see new faces on these Boards once in a while, Anjali is a new face and deserves to serve a full term. Anjali Lathi

I am an advocate of schools and, although, disappointed by performance in the past, feel it is important to treat our future generations with respect. This extends to facilities as well as the best teachers money can buy without bureaucratic waste. Yes on Prop 55

A tough one to swallow. This allows an easier vote to pass the budget, yet specifies a reserve fund, but is filled with language that is full of loopholes. I can't handle this doublespeak. Responsible legislators should be able to define a budget. No on Prop 56

I am in favor of proposition 57 simply because it is sometimes necessary to allow time for a new administration to work things out. This may be a "fool's paradise," but without it, I fear total disaster. I am also hopeful that some new ideas, coupled with good old common sense, will infiltrate the halls of the capitol.

With misgivings, I will support proposition 58. I am not convinced that legislators can be responsible, but it is up to the public to vote them out when they are unable or unwilling to live within the state's means.

Measure A would increase our sales tax to a whopping 8.75% and give little control over how the money is spent. I am not convinced that this is the time or the need that requires this expenditure. I urge voters to look carefully at the ballot and question whether these funds will really benefit Washington Hospital or our healthcare system. I am not in favor of Measure A

Measure 2 gives a nod to the needs of our transportation system and although, again, I believe this is a poor time to ask for money, some hard decisions cannot wait. This is probably one of them. Yes on Measure 2

Union City is in financial trouble and needs help. Measure K does have a "sunset provision" and is therefore a short term solution to, hopefully, a short term problem. Cities that did not set aside adequate reserves need help, but also a reminder that the public will not always accept the easy way out by raising taxes or fees. I am in favor of Measure K.

We were unable to cover all candidates and apologize to our readers and those candidates that were not interviewed. Time and staffing is not always on our side, but we will continue to do the best job we can. I do not believe that anyone should blindly take a newspaper editorial or recommendation and follow it without full consideration of their own circumstances and political thoughts. In some cases, my feelings are mixed and I am certainly no guru or seer of the future. I can only give my ideas and hope they create debate and discussion. Two websites that may be of help are and In any event, please join me at the polls on March 2nd and show the politicians that we, the electorate, mean business and will be heard!

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